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What Are Community Cats (Chīiki Neko)?

The “Community Cats” are neither wild nor kept as pets, but are taken care of by the help and understanding of local people.

The “community cat activity” is to manage those cats , meaning: to give food, to check their health, or to just fluff them around. There isn’t a national association as of today, but other groups or local people also take care of those kinds of cats in each and every place.

Because we need to gain the understandings of the locals, we insist on “managing” the cats instead of just “taking care of it.”

Thus, we do not just cuddle with them, but neuter them so that no more rogue cats multiply, and maintain everyday health checks.

In Waseneko, in order to reduce the havoc done by wild cats (such as loud noises, bad public hygiene), we induce:

  • T (Trap: To capture the wild cats)
  • N (Neuter: To sterilize them)
  • R (Release: To return them)

to the cats living in our local area. Through these activities, we are working hard to protect the natural environment of the area.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of rogue cats and to make the number of culled cats to zero. Since they won’t breed freely anymore, we would like them to fulfill their lives. It’s neither killing nor letting them go, but the third option; to let them live as a community cat.