Charity and Appreciation

Appreciation and request for charity money

The community cat activity is managed by, aid from people like you, as well as the member’s annual fee. Last year, the donation summed up to 60,000 yen, with many cat-food and pet-supplies given to us as well (2018/10/9). We are sincerely grateful for your help.

In the year of 2018, due to incidents like Cha-cha being sick in hospital, memorial service for the now-deceased Putin, or Siamese’s neutering surgery, the expediture went over the annual budget.

For the management and sustenance of our activity, we would be grateful for your support. The given money will be used only for usages related to the cats, such as Cat Food・Surgery・Neutering.

When providing us some aid, please leave a brief note to

Our Address

If you are to send us materials and other cat-related instruments, please send those to this address.

Waseda-Daigaku Gakusei-Kaikan (Building 30) Room E730
1-24-1 Toyama Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan