Who We Are/Events

Our aim is to cultivate an “environment/society for both humans and cats”.
Hi, we’re an official volunteer club of Waseda University.

We’ve began our community-cat activity from the year 1999 (being the very first university club in Japan), and around 100 members are currently taking part in it.

We take good care of cats on Waseda Campus, calling them “Community Cats” (or in Japanese, Chīiki Neko 地域猫).

What Do We Do?

Our Daily Activities

The main part of our activity is to feed the cats on campus. We walk around the campus for about 40 minutes, searching for new cats or giving food to the cats already on campus.

If you are interestred in our activity, feel free to join us! We are free to anyone, anytime.

Please arrive and stay at 2F Atrium of the Student Union Building (Building 30), at 16:30. We will almost always have an sign up to let you know that we’re here.

Our club room is currently in E834 of the Students’ Union Building (Toyama Campus), and we also have daily reports and comments written in a notebook.


Regular Meetings

We hold the regular meetings every month on the last Saturday, from 18:15. We discuss about the cats and other activities. Very laid-back, just randomly chitchating. We may go out for dinner together…or not?

Special Meeting (General Meeting)

Same as the regular meetings, but this is held twice an year, in June and December. We discuss generally about the club, and proceed to talk about the other events. In December, the Juniors will retire, thus discussing about the next leaders as well.

The contents of our meeting is posted (in Japanese) on our blog, so please do check!

Newcomers Welcome Party (May)

As a welcoming of the new students, we hold a party. The prepared food was great!

Waseda Festival (November)

We have an exhibition prepared for the Waseda Festival. We sell goods such as postcards or handbags. The freshmen also create their own sweatshirts, its design drawn by one of the members.

Summer Camp (September)/Spring Camp (February)

We go on a 2~3 day camping trip to elsewhere. We do a lot of stuff, like fireworks, dress-up tournament, study-hall, and/or visiting national parks!

We go on another camping trip in Spring as well. Again, we do a lot of events, but mostly we have fun spending time 🙂